Living Your Success Signature 6-Month Coaching Program

Living Your Success Signature 6-Month Coaching Program - Making Your Mark Through Your 7-Figure Business

Imagine working directly with one of the most successful business women in the Health & Wellness / Human Potential, Technology, Automotive and Retail Industries...

Leaning the Insider Secrets of Creating A MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS

Jennifer McLean, CEO of McLean MasterWorks, Master Entrepreneur, Creator of the Credibility Branding™ System of Marketing, will coach you PERSONALLY -- AT HER OWN HOME.

Using her skills as a Business Strategist and Healer, Jennifer launched the largest, most successful teleseminar AND membership site in the history of the internet.

She is also a multi-industry startup specialist who’s helped launch some of the most renowned brands and products in modern businesses...

AND she is going to work hand in hand with an intimate group of coaching clients.


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This program is designed for those who know a thing or two about marketing, have “been there and done that” - and are ready to take it to new heights.

Jennifer has coached some of the most successful businesses and entrepreneurs on the planet. She’s helped them take their great creations to the million and multi-million dollar level.

Imagine, 6 months from now, owning a business that is SEEN by countless others, RECOGNIZED by the thought leaders in your industry, and GENERATING easy 7-figure revenues.

Is This You?

  • Knowledgeable, have done your homework, have had great breakthroughs - but are ready to move into the next generation of expansion
  • A desire to work with the highest level of leadership in your industry and ready for new energetic, brand and product infrastructures to get there quickly
  • Deeply sensing the HUGE breakthrough success that is hurtling toward you
  • Noticing changes in your business and have reached a plateau of accomplishment and are looking for that next huge increase
  • A level of know-how for business coaching, but need to create programs that leverage and move you into the million dollar mark
  • A desire to brainstorm with other powerhouse individuals that “get it,” and, like you, are ready for huge shifts in revenue and peace of mind (and together, becoming the next level of leadership)
  • Ready to create an internal team equipped with savvy and skills that will allow you the creative time you’ve been craving to get away from the daily minutia

There are subtleties, which appear to be barriers, for those who are about to reach the million dollar business level. WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO BREAKTHROUGH and move into the new energy and business infrastructure of this new level of being.

YEP, IMAGINE: JUST YOU AND AN INTIMATE GROUP OF FELLOW ENTREPRENUERS working directly with Jennifer (and some additional powerful “line coaches”) in an intimate six-month coaching program to get you to that 7-figure business.

Jennifer has decided to coach just this small group in a brand new, NEVER-BEFORE-OFFERED (and might not again) 6-month business coaching program.

What is your “Success Signature? Your Success Signature is the deep, personal, human potential within that awaits your activation. It is the energetic signature of the


Think about this... Your fellow coaching participants will represent the next level of leadership.

Together, you will go forth and create new, unprecedented strategies, ideas, and programs that will change your whole industry.

And, in the process, you will create lasting friendships with like-minded, powerful individuals. Together, all of you will move to the most expanded place of possibility. Just breathe THAT ONE in.

PLUS, you will be introduced to Jennifer’s own renowned coaches and play with the thought leaders in her personal circle. WOW!

PLEASE NOTE: Jennifer is only working with those who are ready and willing to grow their business into a million dollar business (no matter the industry).

Jennifer will invite you into her home, in Laguna Beach, California, THREE times over this six-month program. PLUS, you’ll experience live coaching calls, 26 weeks of daily abundance energy sessions, copywriting coaching and review, professional photo and video shoots, healing work, a “lymphatic lift,” and so much more!


  • Is this finally your time to break into the million dollar level of doing business?
  • Are you at the point where you really just don’t know what you don’t know to move into the big leagues?
  • Have you bought marketing programs with only “parts” that worked and you don’t want to keep being a passive participant who needs direct interaction and coaching for what YOU do?
  • Are you ready to receive, firsthand, the insider secrets directly from a 30-year veteran of corporate America & self-made millionaire and have her personally guide you to... YOU and a 7-figure company?
  • Are you ready to understand what YOUR BRAND is, which strategies work for YOUR VALUES, and truly make a big impact on your industry?
  • Have you been wanting to expand your speaking platform? Maybe even be on Jennifer’s Healing With The Masters -- and are looking for the product and marketing platform to get you there?
  • Isn’t it time to clear the old, limiting beliefs and boundaries and dive into a 7-figure business?


Private 3-Day Event At Jennifer’s House

Jennifer McLean

For the first three days of the program, you will be ushered into Jennifer’s private sanctuary at her home, in Laguna Beach, to be initiated into her deep and intense Living Your Success Signature training program.

Imagine spending THREE straight days working directly with Jennifer and her team of seasoned and high-powered business coaches. They will each guide you directly to discover your brand, its message, principles, strategies and tactics to apply immediately to your plans, business and products.

You will learn the secrets to create a million dollar platform and how to apply them to your business - no matter what industry you are in or which demographic you target.

Jennifer’s renowned system of marketing, The Credibility Branding™ model, will also be explored, delivering the needed insights and practical applications to create a brand that increases the speed of sales through powerful points of credibility while making you a respected influencer in your industry category.

Get this information and these strategies directly from the hand of the master and apply this knowledge to your business with Jennifer’s personal guidance.

Experience the no-holds-barred approach that professionals, worldwide, have come to expect from Jennifer’s guidance and create enormous brands and new products and launch into brand new markets.

Learn how to create new markets and lead them while creating categories that have never existed before.


You will also experience the energetic side of the equation through working to clear the limiting beliefs holding you back from that new level of income and flow.

Jennifer and her team will bring this VERY important aspect into the equation of success, uncovering the part you play in limiting this next level of success.

We will co-create the space for you to play in the frequencies of expansion so your energetic platform can grow through the possibilities that will present themselves through this program.

Plus... Half-Day Session with Jennifer’s Business Coach

Top Secret

Jennifer’s business coach will do a half-day brainstorming session with your ideas, programs, strategies and tactics.

Yep, one of the secrets you will learn is that the most successful folks on the planet ALSO have their own coaches. You will actually experience Jennifer’s business coach PERSONALLY. This is SO top secret, we can’t even tell you who it is. But this individual has guided thousands in becomng product-generating entrepreneurs who've established 6 and 7-figure launches.

The wealth of guidance, information and sheer brainstorming brilliance that has taken some of Jennifer’s ideas and concepts to a whole new level will take yours to a new level, too.

Then... 6 Months of Live Coaching Calls

Live Monthly Calls

You will receive six months of bi-weekly, 90-minute coaching sessions directly with Jennifer and team.

After the three-day in-person session, Jennifer will guide you through twice-monthly group coaching calls where you get to interact, ask questions and brainstorm with your fellow group members.

This is the pinnacle of the program. You have six months to fine-tune, hone, experiment, play and create under Jennifer and the team’s direct tutelage.

There is no better way to “get ‘er done” than checking in every two weeks and reporting the successes and misses.

Very few people on the planet have been personally coached to huge levels of expansion by a team of this caliber.

These bi-weekly calls will be the key to moving forward with your custom plan, established during the three-day event.

This is truly the ticket to success.

And... Holy Jumpin! 26 Weeks of Weekly Abundance Work with Mary A. Hall

Mary A. Hall

-- Mary A Hall the absolute “Queen of Abundance” will work with each of your abundance frequencies every single week for 26 straight weeks to manifest and deliver energetic abundance support to your life and business.

NOTE: This is one of the many insider secrets that contributed to Jennifer’s remarkable success. Mary “played” with Jennifer’s energy each week in the background and that was key in bringing forth her first (of multiple) millions.

YOU WILL RECEIVE THIS SAME POWERFUL ENERGY. Mary will work virtually with your abundance energy signature each week and the results will not only be profound, but quite noticeable.

THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE. Mary has never offered this before. It is only available to YOU!

(And we are pretty sure Mary may never do this again. This is ONCE IN A LIFETIME.)

Mary will also be available during some of the coaching programs, both in-person and on the calls for abundance coaching

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Photo Shoot & Video Shoot PLUS “Lymphatic Lift

Photographer taking picture

In the middle of the 6 months, you will again be in California for another three days.

During this 3-day session you will have your own professional 2-day photo shoot for your website and branding. A professional sales video will also be produced for your website or sales page. (You will prepare your video script in advance of the video shoot with coaching from Jennifer).

Prior to the photo and video shoots, you will experience a Lymphatic Drainage Massage with the world’s top practitioner. She will perform a “lymphatic lift,” getting your visage (and health) in top shape for your video and photos.

This is Jennifer’s trade secret to looking fresh and young in her videos and pictures. You will have the chance to experience this physical transformation firsthand.


Bonus One - Insider Copywriting Coaching and Copy Massaging

Printer leads spelling the word Buzz

Jennifer will guide you through the ins and outs of copywriting and show you the dos and don’ts of how to attract your modern audience to your works.

Her system of copywriting is the foundation for her remarkable million dollar growth.

When you speak the language of your audience, you are creating a synergy of connectedness and trust that allows audiences to quickly, easily and confidently say, “YES!”

Your audience will be guided through powerful language and thoughtful benefits that don’t “leave a mark,” but, instead, elevate them.

This is not your father’s copywriting. This is the new model of communicating to serve your audience, not deplete them.

Jennifer will review your copywriting project and, with your brand in mind, offer concise feedback, including the tips and tricks she’s learned along the way.

Reviewing your work and additional coaching is the missing ingredient in most copywriting courses. Jennifer will actually review your copywriting project and give you feedback, insights and edits to ensure that you “get it” and can continue to apply it long after this coaching program is finished.

Two - Work Directly With The President of Hay House Publishing

Hay House - Look Within

Yep. Imagine working directly with the President of Hay House and receiving coaching on the ins and outs of publishing your own book.

This is unprecedented access to one of the largest and most renowned publishing organizations on the planet. And YOU get to interact directly with its President.

Reid will guide you to the nuances of writing your book, what publishers are looking for and much more. It typically takes years of experience to learn these insights on your own!



3-Day Wrap Event At Jennifer’s Home

Jennifer McLean

You will finish your 6 months with a final 3-day session to wrap-up and expand further into your 7-figure business.

By now, you’ll be well on your way to creating a huge impact on the planet through your business.

You will have the tools, techniques, vision, mission, strategies and tactics to take your business to a whole new level of possibility.

We will assess and analyze everything, review what did and didn’t work, explore the energetics of where you are now, and brainstorm this into the next level of expansion so that you can implement all you’ve learned into your daily life and operations.

Wow, right?

Much of this is the program through which Jennifer guided her marketing clients (with 6-figure budgets) for more than 20 years. She walked away from clients in 2006 and applied her wisdom and coaching to her own business, which reached its first million in its second year from a start point of $200.

Unlike her previous coaching and consulting work with large multinationals in the past, this program now includes her six years of powerful wisdom in online marketing combined with her background and expertise in brand strategies, savvy business practices, understanding and attracting customers, and downright brilliant strategic creativity.

Think about it... If you have done some of the other marketing programs through live events and online products, they certainly deliver. But what’s missing is the one-on-one nuanced coaching that actually sees YOU and what you are doing.

You will be seen, heard, and acknowledged. Through that, you will discover who you are, what your brand is, and what you stand for. Just this piece, alone, from an energetic perspective, opens the whole world to you.

So, if you are ready to move through past limitations, discover and bring forth “YOU” and what you stand for in your business, and use that to move the needle of your company to the next level, THEN YOU ARE READY FOR THIS!

Here is all you have to do for now...

Simply register below with your name, email address and phone number (phone number is optional) and we will contact you shortly with details on the application process.

We are conducting an application process to ensure that those who join this very special program are at the level needed to absolutely succeed.

Once your application is accessed, reviewed and deemed a “perfect fit,” you will then be interviewed by Jennifer, herself. And, if it feels right for you and for us, you will be invited into this exclusive program.

Your best chance at a million dollar business is just waiting for your response. Register now and get ready!

NOTE: The simple act of committing right now opens an energetic door of new possibilities for you immediately. Watch what shows up over the next week and remember this moment.

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