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OMG, we are SOOOOOOO excited to share one of the most powerful video series we have yet produced.

What is so remarkable about this video series is.... it delivers the nuances of the foundations of a business.


This FREE video series and 3-Audio Workshop gives you some of the necessary energetic platforms AND infrastructure insights for how to run a successful business.


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About Your Host Jennifer McLean:

Jennifer started her career in advertising sales before moving into promotional event marketing, then traditional marketing management, which lead to public relations and brand communications, culminating a 27-year business strategy career in Corporate America.

Through her extensive background and internal gumption, Jennifer became an expert in reading, analyzing and understanding market cycles. She grew adept at when and how to creatively launch brand new visions and product concepts into emerging markets.

Through her training, skill set and brilliance, she “saw” beyond the traditional launch strategies, product development and even business strategies to create some of the most entrepreneurial and advanced new ways of expressing business found on the planet today.

You might know of some of them, including the celebrated Healing With The Masters Series that has reached more than 500,000 in 230 countries for 12 seasons AND her acclaimed books The Big Book of YOU, The Credibility Factor and her soon to be released Living Your Success Signature - Making Your Mark.

3 Free Videos:

Make no mistake. This video series (and the product that it is based on) is not some money-making machine, quick-fix tactics, or how-to-get-rich on the backs of others.

NO... This series and product is truly here to guide you to MAKING THE DIFFERENCE through identifying your Success Signature, your unique human potential, your true purpose and some foundational business practices.

It is here to show you how to not only generate an income from your purpose and foundation, but also do so gracefully in a new paradigm of partnership with your customers.

Imagine generating income that

Video One: Fear of Failing

In VIDEO 1, you will receive the most inspirational set of insights... things that you can apply RIGHT NOW to your business.

These are excerpts DIRECTLY from our Launching Your Success Signature product, the most transformational business program ever created.

  • Really understanding “strategy,” what it is and why it is so important.
  • Moving away from “tactical hell.”
  • Knowing the external forces that can take you off your mark and off your purpose.

Video 2 will delve into the crazy, yet so important, secrets of fine-tuning your Success Signature Business. Examples of the importance of understanding your customer’s pain, what risk and service are included. PLUS, how Healing With The Masters delivers a case study for the areas on which you can focus in your own business.

Again, another round of viewing content sourced from our new Launching Your Success Signature Business Video Product. This video includes:

  • The transformation you are delivering and the needs of your clients/customers
  • Mitigating risk by tapping into your ideal client and moving into “risk” that isn’t risk... with big payoffs
  • Being in a mode of service to truly make an impact for your audience, your bank account and the planet

Finishing up, VIDEO 3 will teach you what it takes to move from self-employed and soloprenuering to being the commander and CEO of your Success Signature Business.

  • This video will allow you to see a new set of possibilities in leadership and management that will allow you to move your business to a new level.
  • Being in that CEO energy is the secret sauce to take your business through a HUGE LEAP of expansion and revenue.
  • AND all coming from your Success Signature, this is the authentic you that gets to make a mark - your impact on the planet through your unique gifts.
2 Amazing Bonuses:
Bonus One

Receive FREE Access to 3-Audio Workshop Series

Yep, you read that correctly. To get you into the groove of your Success Signature, we are inviting you to experience a paradigm-shifting 3-evening, Question & Answer event that was recorded LIVE earlier this year.

CALL 1 FEAR OF FAILING: The first call addresses the things that might be holding you back and will tap into your Fear Of Failing while moving you through it.

CALL 2 OPENING TO POSSIBILITIES: Then the second call will allow you to leverage the release from the first call to energetically create new opportunities.

Finally - AND THIS IS HUGE - Jennifer opened the lines and offered individual SPOT COACHING sessions that are not available anywhere else and hold the answers to some of the VERY SAME questions you’ve been asking yourself.

This is a TREMENDOUS opportunity to discover how much you have in common with other successful business owners while growing alongside this marketing and business savant who has helped to create hundreds of millionaires.

Imagine not only being guided on the practical aspects of business, but ALSO shown the openings to the energetic platforms that allow all to flow in favor of your abundance.

That is the unique marriage you will experience in this 3-day program, business and personal healing.

Bill Harris

For the FIRST TIME EVER, you can learn the key secrets to shaping your copywriting efforts into marketing masterpieces through this exclusive video interview with Master Teacher and copywriter Bill Harris.

Bill is renowned as one of the greatest marketers of our time who through his marketing skill and insight, has placed his remarkable Holosync product in the hands of millions across the globe.

I’m excited at who you will be because of these powerful FREE videos AND FREE the 3-Evening workshop.

The videos are simple and direct and will give you the BEST bits to apply today to your business.

The live shows will give you direct access to not only Jennifer but to YOU and your business opportunities.

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