Living Your Success Signature
Making Your Mark Through Your 6 or 7-Figure Business

"The Secret Codes To Creating Your
Impactful, Hugely Profitable, Connected
& Heart-Centered Business...

“I am proud to say that through Living Your Success Signature, we have rewritten all the business, marketing and management books on success... offering a practical, new paradigm of proven achievement and wealth through a revolution of peace, compassion, love and possibility.” – Jennifer McLean

Get Your Most Brilliant Idea to Market,
While Generating 6 to 7 Figures.

Have you ever had the most brilliant idea that could change hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives and didn’t have ANY way of bringing it to fruition or to market?

Do you want to live and work from a place of flow, ease and compassion, while making a true difference in your life, your families’ lives and the lives of your customers?

Are you currently running a business that seems to be running you?

Are you ready to step up your business to a whole new volume and level of expression and profit?

Are You Ready To Gain Access To
The Most Advanced Business Solutions
On The Planet...

Are you ready to... know beyond a shadow of a doubt what your next product is, what your next business idea is, and bring it to a clear set of customers WHO WANT what you’ve got?

Can you receive help... in copywriting, PR and message development for content and sales messages that fully expresses YOU while enticing customers?

Have you been looking for... the secret to driving a volume of the right customers and traffic, from the right places, to a message they completely resonate to?

Is it your time to shine... I mean really rise above the crowd and be seen as the leader and “instigator of innovation” that you are?

Are you ready to claim... the media attention and customer attention that will not only bring in boatloads of new revenues but ALSO make a difference?

Do you want to really understand... how to keep the customers you already have and, in turn, ignite them into “super supporters”?

Do you want to know... how to engage vendors, employees, and contractors from different backgrounds, family experiences, work ethics, and personality to powerfully create and work together... that creates a level of accomplishment, excellence AND freedom for all involved?

Are you ready to learn... the most powerful secret to getting exactly what you want from vendors, customers and partners so all are served?

If you said yes to any one of these then you are ready for a paradigm-changing program that goes WAY beyond tactics.

Then this program is made for you, delivering powerful, sound, proven and smart ways of generating 6 and 7-figure success stories.

This formula is here for you to create a foundation of access and connection to you, your business, your partners and your customers... that makes you an UNSTOPPABLE force of change and transformation, AND creates a marked increase in your bank account.

The secret to really being in command of a truly successful business (so that YOU have IT instead of IT owning YOU) is to go deep inside your soul’s purpose WHILE having the sound, practical and proven systems of success and “getting ‘er done” tools and mentality.

erasing the impossible

Welcome to the most unique business and
soul-driven process ever developed:
Living Your Success Signature Business.

Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean
Your Business Coach & Facilitator:

Before we show you what is included in this rich and proven program (I promise you are about to be blown away!), let me introduce you to its creator and facilitator coach, Jennifer McLean.

Jennifer started her career in advertising sales before moving into promotional event marketing, then onward to traditional marketing management, which lead to public relations and brand communications, culminating a 27-year business strategy career in Corporate America.

Jennifer launched Yahoo! Canada back in 1995 and played in the technology industry during the full boom and bust. She became a business strategist with specialization in marketing for startups.

Through that experience, she became an expert in reading, analyzing and understanding market cycles. She grew adept at when and how to creatively launch brand new visions and product concepts into emerging markets.

Jennifer, using her work with startups, created hundreds of multi-millionaires through her unique Credibility Branding System and has now packaged all of her expertise here for you…

Microsoft, Yahoo!, Canon

Perhaps you might be the next generation
of this growing group of millionaires...

hands holding a lotus blossom

That information about Jennifer’s business prowess alone might be convincing enough to work with this remarkable person, but there is more... On top of all that powerful expertise, Jennifer, as a healer, is a facilitator in the movement of energy from the subtlest of origins.

More than 22 years ago, Jennifer trained in multiple modalities of energy healing and operated a part-time healing practice for just as many years.

She has guided thousands to unprecedented new levels of alignment, health, wholeness and abundance.

She has the gift of seeing the inner domains of your soul’s purpose and guides you to your grandest capacities, your “unique human potential,” while building a proven, strong, successful business around those capacities.

“You are about to explore the previously ignored aspects of the creative, the eternal, the compassionate and caring aspects of business. It is the secret ingredient that separates this program from all others (and the secret to manifestation and long lasting success).”


A New Paradigm of Uniting
Creativity, Intuition,
Heart & Business

Discover a deep sense of compassion and connection to your customers as you tap into them with your unique Success Signature -- making THE difference for them (and you).

What this Success Signature program does is
unite these two seemingly diverse fronts of
business and intuitive guidance into a congruent
whole of transformation for you, your business, your
customers and the planet as a whole.

This program is designed to activate your Success Signature within. The pure potentiality that is within you to make your mark.

Jennifer and this amazing set of tools, systems and practices will establish a foundation of practical and transformational progress for you to achieve your purpose, wealth and success beyond anything you have previously imagined.

You Make the Difference. I can show you how...

So... What is your "Success Signature?"

round image of orange sunset in heart-shaped hands

Your Success Signature is the deep, personal, human potential within that awaits your activation.

It is the energetic signature of the "you of you," ready to make your distinct mark on this planet at this time.

It is the place of possibility that flows easily from you, creating impact on all your customers and even your staff and vendors. If you are ready to ignite the brightest fire from within, tap into who you are, access your brand in a way that is unstoppable while knowing, activating and living from your Success Signature, then this program is exactly what you have been searching for.

The ideas found in this Success Signature program intimately marry the inner dimensions of your Success Signature with the outer realms of business and profit.

THIS PROGRAM is one of the most unique, mindfully-designed systems for those who are truly ready to make a difference in any industry through your entrepreneurial spirit and the energetic signature of your potential.

Jennifer's Magic Is...
that she has a keen ability to hold you in a sacred space. She can create an allowing that fuels your prosperity forward. This allows you to strongly activate your Success Signature and that unique, pure connection to your power.

round image of dollars
Kenji Kumara

“I will say that the essence for me in regards to the shift within me, my approach to business, marketing, promoting my work, is a night and day difference that I can feel in my body. I know that it’s pure teaching and that it’s right on. I’d like to thank Jenn and her staff primarily for helping me to remember about the Success Signature aspect of the work, which I feel is paramount with everything and I got it, I got it. It’s living with me and it’s never going to go away.”

~Kenji Kumara

Bob Doyle

“I’ve been doing business online for a really long time and I’ve seen a lot of people come in and out of our industry and do business several different ways and it was so great to watch Jennifer McLean to come onto the scene and then dominate because she totally knows what she’s doing. And I’m finding myself having conversations with her about ‘What should I do next?’ and ‘How should I do this?’ because she has this ability to know what to do, how to teach it and how to see in you what you’re capable of doing. And I think that’s really one of her amazing and unique gifts - to be able to have a conversation with you and see your essence and to be able to give you business coaching around that. That’s an amazing tool and that’s not something that every business coach can do. So, if you’re looking at moving your business up to the next level, take advice from someone who has done that for herself and for others, repeatedly - Jennifer McLean is a resource you absolutely want to be involved with.”

~Bob Doyle

Hope Fitzgerald

“Jennifer’s innate understanding of business and what it takes to make a project grow and flower and become incredibly successful is her road that she walked. She’s really been through it all and understands it deeply.”

~Hope Fitzgerald

round image of a butterfly on a hand


So think about this... what influences you to make a purchase?

It is likely brand awareness, endorsements, points of credibility such as: the seller has done this before, they are on TV and/ or have written a book, so you trust them.

This level of trust creates a bond that actually increases the speed of sales. Jennifer will guide you through the ways to create that bond and how to create a level of trust and loyalty that will compel customers to say YES over and over again.

This is not manipulation or "scare the poop out of them" marketing; this is authentic, transparent, connected, compassionate and clear marketing... tapped into your Success Signature and their true needs.

This is THE next generation of business in a
new age of possibility.

Jennifer is going to personally guide you through the different types of business life cycles, show you the clear and succinct steps to leverage market conditions for YOUR product and service and how to make YOUR mark leveraging these cycles.

At each step, she will show you how to assess and examine the market, identify key opportunities, and insert your vision into that opportunity, so that it makes sense for you, your customers and the market at large.

You will learn to see beyond your business and identify opportunities before they arrive.

Vision is key to a million (and multi-million) dollar business... and, with Jennifer’s models, insights and expertise, you may be the first to go fishing in your particular niche.

Plus, of course, you will learn the insider tactics, which create the easiest path to powerful revenues while truly serving others.

round image of woman looking out with telescope from hilltop

"I am proud to say that every penny in my corporate bank account represents someone who we have truly served... This continues to be one of my proudest accomplishments."


Jennifer’s goal in this program is to not only get you into that healthy 6-figure business, but potentially make you a millionaire AND for you to also have a HOLISTIC BUSINESS that supports you, your team and the planet.

Imagine: In the not-so-distant future, creating a sense of purpose and a LASTING IMPACT beyond anything you might have ever thought of doing.

The power and simplicity of Jennifer’s insights will astound you.

round image of world

If this sounds like it’s for you, then let’s establish
who you need to be to succeed in this program...

You must want to generate a huge income doing what you love

You truly want to make a transformational difference for your customers and clients (whether high-end or retail) to get transformational results now

You are ready to make your mark on the planet and make THE difference

You are ready to take on new ideas, perceptions and apply them to your business immediately

You are ready and excited to explore new ways of being and operating, then, as a result, achieve quantitatively and qualitatively MUCH bigger results

You are willing to invest and share your personal resources and gifts at the highest levels to change your customers and the planet


In This 2-Volume
Business Transforming Coaching Program...

You are about to receive the most powerful package of transformational business coaching, something that is not found ANYWHERE on the planet.

In fact, this is a cause of sorts... a revolution of heart-centered businesses that make a difference.

Businesses that are generating HUGE and FAST revenue growth because they are so connected, authentic and inspirational.

This is not growth that is hard-come-by, but instead seamless, graceful and even, easy.

Your package includes:

A 30-Day Quickstart video coaching program (volume 1) to get you started earning income in your first 30 days!

An advanced video coaching program (volume 2) to leverage your quickstart program into a sustainable, long-term business that creates a powerful infrastructure to expand much faster than a normal business might

At your own pace video study program in a non-pressure, supportive learning environment

Supportive and powerful worksheets for each module in the Quick Start Volume 1 and the Advanced Volume 2 that create a personalized experience for YOUR business

Transcripts of each module in both the Quick Start and Advanced programs to support you in multiple learning styles as you learn this new way of being while deeply inculcating the highly inventive tactics and strategies

5 powerful coaching call replays that answer the most pressing questions from participants and address nuances of the program in an experiential way

3 BONUS videos including: Networking for Results, The INSIDER Secrets to Knowing Your Customer, and 7 Days to Kick-Ass Copy (A $375 Value) - Taking you on and even deeper journey to your success

3 BONUS Audios including Fear of Failing, All Is Possible, and Transformational Spot Coaching (A $125 Value)

2 FREE TICKETS to a Special Live Event in Los Angeles in June (A $997 Value) where Jennifer and her team of coaches will interact with you and your business directly

WOW, all that support... KNOW the transformation that you and your
business are about to undertake. SO EXCITING!

Rikka Zimmerman

“Jennifer activated my Success Signature and my business went to five-times the income - over seven and a half figures a year. She has been a guide for me and lifted me into a world of business and possibility and being who I came here to be and I am I forever grateful, eternally grateful for her gift to me. Jennifer with business is like taking the cream, of the cream, of the cream of the crop and what you get with this Success Signature program is this refined, easy to follow, most incredible activations and downloads and business sense and Credibility Branding… She take everything she learned in 32 years of business and refined it down into this program.”

~Rikka Zimmerman

Jim Prosser & Adoley Odunton

“Four years ago, we were at ground zero. We had a failed business and we were trying to figure out what on earth we were going to do next. Well, we met Jenn Mclean and it really changed our lives. She’s really been a marvelous mentor, coach, guide and we really can’t recommend her highly enough.”

~Jim Prosser & Adoley Odunton

Generate income in just 30 days!

You Will Experience in QUICK START Volume 1:
Launching Your Success Signature Business:

30-day QUICKSTART program consisting of 9 video modules to get your business off the ground and humming in just 30 days.

The Success Signature Activation - where your unique human potential and purpose are energetically activated to start attracting opportunities and a KNOWING for what's next immediately (you won’t be the same after this)

How to identify and tap into your ideal client, allowing for authentic, compelling and inspirational marketing conversation with them

The fundamentals of branding, marketing and customer enrollment... the foundation to knowing and growing your business

Understanding the market, business and product cycles and how to predict them to stay ahead in any market condition

How to create your declaration of purpose, manifesting a force of magnetism AND a filter for decision-making that makes your business flow with grace (this one, alone, can change everything)

How to establish clear, "un-marketing" messaging for copywriting, product development and content creation that builds trust and even inspires while selling and generating income

How to become a CEO, make an impact and not just be self-employed, so that you are supported and nurtured as you make THE difference for your customers and the planet

And More!

This program establishes both an energetic and mindful foundation that, once anchored, makes you unstoppable.

round image of iPad with bar graph

The Volume 1 - Quick Start program also delivers the foundational systems of business such as: your mission, vision, corporate principles, identifying your ideal customer, knowing the track of transformation you are providing, the systems of enrolling customers, the funnel of customer development, and so much more.

These processes allow a strong, fortified structure for your business that, in turn, clears the way for you to easily know your next steps AND generate income from a place of deep congruency, which opens the doors to abundance and opportunity within just 30 days.

Once you have the secret codes, the secret sauce of the energetic resonance of your activated Success Signature, the universe gives clearer signals and you will see and hear the whispers of the divine that are just for you.

Match that with practical, real world clarity of strategies, brand practices and foundational business considerations, and you have a strong, sustainable business that generates income immediately while standing the test of time.

In the ADVANCED Volume 2
You Will Experience: Leveraging Your
Success Signature Business:

Dive deep into the next level of tactics. A rich, strategic understanding of the tactics offered in the Quick Start program allows you to see through case studies, conversations and directly teach what is appropriate to YOUR products and services in the context of your own Success Signature Business

We guide you through a practical mapping of objectives, strategies, tactics, action items and “Big Hairy Audacious Intentions” in a seamless, easy way so that you visualize what's next for you, building on the Quick Start program while instantly relieving pressure and overwhelm

We go deeper into strategizing your indoctrination and sales funnels and demonstrate how to leverage them to new heights (bye-bye, traditional sales conversations!)

How, when and where to apply measurement strategies that make sense and support your business, allowing for deep connection with your business for course corrections and advancements that other businesses and your competitors will miss

The next set of “Command Vs. Control” strategies for becoming a true CEO and commander from space and heart, allowing for a deep, sustainable connection with your customers, vendors and, eventually, employees

Truly "getting what you need" in an unprecedented new model of "asking & receiving" AND understanding WHAT is necessary to exponentially speed the process for getting things done.

The most advanced and easy-to-use proprietary system for creating high-performing teams and seeing your place in the management puzzle - a miracle method that is changing it all

How to have more space, which creates more time, which generates HUGE LEAPS in productivity and even bigger jumps in revenue.

And More!

This advanced program creates a set of rich, foundational practices, discernments and ways of being AND the actions to take next. This ensures you aren't a one-hit wonder.... You now KNOW what's next, are SEEING the opportunities before they are even presented and have what you need to move into your 7-figure business.

The New Paradigms You Will Discover...

Under Jennifer’s tutelage, you will move into a whole new way of doing business.

Jennifer invented an advanced system, which she will carefully guide you through so that you can apply it to your unique dynamics.

Her Credibility Branding™ system of marketing has been used for decades in the technology industry with a special emphasis on startups. She has assisted hundreds of companies in achieving millions and turned many executives into millionaires.

Jennifer discovered that every company pretty much cycles through the startup process at some stage in a corporate and product lifecycle. Even the market, itself, cycles through trends, ups and downs.

The Credibility Factor Integrity on an iPad

Credibility Branding Is...

Credibility Branding is a system of marketing that Jennifer invented when working in corporate America with hundreds of start up companies. It is a holistic system of marketing that EMBRACES all that is within the marketplace. It assists in identifying the emerging opportunities in the market and how to position your vision to not only get attention, but also physically increase the speed of sales.

This model assists in having your customers say yes faster to your authentic vision, and it is just one of many founding principles that you will learn through this Living Your Success Signature product.

The Credibility branding model offered in this program answers the following questions:

What is it that positions one company, product, or person as the new “It”?

What do successful companies and entrepreneurs have that sets them apart?

Why are customers flocking to these companies and entrepreneurs?

How is it that they are attracting attention and generating revenue when you know your product and/or service is far better?

How do you start buzz and create word-of-mouth credibility?

Jennifer created a proprietary system that works. This system became Credibility Branding, and the information and methods upon which this system is based are now available in an interactive succinct way through The Living Your Success Signature Business program.

Joe Vitale

"Riding to the rescue is this wonderful new report The Credibility Factor… I for one am glad this content is here. Read it and control your perception in the marketplace, which is your credibility - which leads to the waltz you see."

~Dr. Joe Vitale
Author of the international #1 best-seller, The Attractor Factor, the #1 best-seller Life's Missing Instruction Manual, the #1 best-selling e-book Hypnotic Writing, and the Power of Outrageous Marketing, among numerous other works. Dr.Vitale is also one of the stars of the hit movie "The Secret".

Denis Waitley

"There is a hunger in this skin-deep culture, for authenticity and delivering on a stated promise. This report really delivers to satisfy that void. It is a gem!"

~Denis Waitley
Author Seeds of Greatness star of "The Secret"

Linda Hollander

"If you want to grow your business and increase your brand awareness, get The Credibility Factor for yourself and every business person you know. What you'll learn in Phase II is worth the price of the whole report. Jennifer McLean changed my whole perspective on how to do business. She is truly one of the greats."

~Linda Hollander
The Wealthy Bag Lady; Author of Bags to Riches and Women Hold the Purse Strings; Founder of the Women's Small Business Expo

Michelle Laird

"Here, for the first time, is content that delivers practical "how to" information into the important role influencers play in the creation of a brand."

~M. Laird, Marketing Communications Specialist

Peggy McColl

"The Credibility Factor is a must-have for anyone who is serious about succeeding in business today. This report is jammed full of valuable ideas, strategies and techniques to accelerate your business to a new level of phenomenal success. This is one small investment that is sure to provide you with an enormous multiplied return."

~Peggy McColl, Author of Your Destiny Switch

Jay Levinson

"If you are looking for how to successfully launch a new product, company or concept with a small budget, The Credibility Factor shows you how."

~Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing. Author, Guerrilla Marketing series of books. Over 14 million sold; now in 42 languages

top coil of a spiral notebook
A Note From Jenn:

If you have been searching for business coaching programs recently you’ve likely heard the speech: “I started with $100 and grew to millions... and I am going to teach you how I did it.”

What these coaches are offering is valuable, however what you are learning is THEIR Success Signature... how they were moved by their purpose to create a difference. You are learning them... and you are not them.

I have to say this is a little bit of a pet peeve of mine... that so many coaches and teachers do it just once and then it becomes THE solution for all. That is simply not how it works and truly NOT what you are receiving here.

A pet peeve of mine
sustained success... tested over and over by entrepreneurs that grew to hundred million dollar companies.

Yes, I did actually start my company with $200 and within 18 months generated my first million... but I am not teaching you a “how I got there” story, that should be emulated or repeated.

How I did get there was by applying the marketing and business program I invented, that guided hundreds of companies for 20 years when I was a consultant.

You are not learning what I did, but instead being coached on a systematic step-by step formula that hundreds of entrepreneurs succeeded by using.

Coaches that have done it once and are teaching that success are interesting, but not proven. Systems that have been developed “in the field” like this one have sustained success because they have been tested over and over by entrepreneurs that grew to hundred million dollar companies.

I am so pleased that in this program you are not receiving coaching from what I did... but instead you are receiving what I invented and subsequently applied to my own company, which resulted in the success I have today.

This is a system that was used by some of the largest companies on the planet to discover and use THEIR unique purpose... THEIR Success Signature (not mine) to make their mark.

So the bottom line is, you are about to discover YOU, your Success Signature, not my tactics, not my strategies, instead only ideas, tactics, techniques that would fit into what you are up to from your unique perspective and potential.

You are about to learn YOU... and I am profoundly excited at how the world is going to change through your gifts being brought to market.

In appreciation,

You are about to discover YOU!

A brief tour of Volume 1-Quick Start AND Volume 2-Advanced Living Your Success Signature Video Coaching

Volume 1: Launching Your Success Signature Business Program - Online Video Coaching Program

Volume 1 is your starting point, here you will create the foundation of your business and if you are already in business a new platform for tremendous growth.

Here you will come to know YOU so much better and allow this new you to create and influence beyond anything you previously though possible.

PLUS grounded, practical sophisticated business practices that have been used to create millionaires in the past and can do the same for you.

Module 1 Intro to the Success Signature Model

Let’s get started with...

What is the Success Signature model? Exploring energetic congruency. Contrast to traditional models – Moving past the old hierarchy, force, push, scarcity model of “cross your fingers and hope”

What’s possible when you’re flexible in business? The foundation of your Success Signature Business platform. Playing in the expansive, responsive holistic vs. microscopic. How to literally use everything (not reinventing the wheel)

Your Success Signature Activation. One of the most powerful activations available for your soul’s purpose

Staying in the Strength of Your Success Signature. Opening up to the world vs. bracing against it. How life/pressure takes us off course (talking yourself off the ledge). What’s possible if we operate from our Success Signature.

Grounding Your Success Signature

Receive the deepest, most relevant and important energetic activation of your life and business. Open to your purpose AND your Success Signature.

Through this first module, you will move into those areas of feeling uncomfortable, face them head-on and use them as a platform to seize preventing yourself from the abundant destiny that has always been your natural birthright. And, in that process, you'll begin to learn what it feels like to fully trust yourself, open up to the world and identify what does (and doesn't) resonate with your deep, personal, human potential. That, itself, is key to Launching Your Success Signature.

In this module you will establish and activate your very own, unique Success Signature and allow YOU to fully emerge after so very long.

Module 2 Building a Business
with YOUR Success Signature as the Foundation

Here you will learn The NEXT LEVEL of
business building:

How you Make Your Mark in the 3-dimensional reality through a Success Signature-founded business

Powerful business visualization and content creation

Turning your visualizations into the foundation for your Success Signature Business (and applying these to your daily business - not just hanging on a wall) including:

  • Creating your declaration (this will change your whole life)
  • Establishing your vision and mission
  • Developing grounded principles that will be used as a filter for all your hiring and business decisions

Overcoming how our brain and survival instincts take us out of our Success Signature

Imagine… Not only mapping your business, but KNOWING it from your authentic place of being, from your unique potential and gifts.

Through this second module, you will solidify who you are and what you are here to do. You will experience the vision of your business in the future and feel what it's actually like to "make your mark" as the CEO of your Success Signature™ business.

After completing this module you will KNOW your business from your authentic place of being, this very energy is going to propel you forward and manifest new opportunities for attracting and connecting every resource necessary to make your unique contribution to the planet through your Success Signature™ Business.

Module 3 Identifying your Ideal Client
Knowing Your Customer Intimately

Here you will learn about:

Knowing your customer intimately distinguishes your ability to Make Your Mark

Deep, clear customer visualization

Transforming your customer’s life

Understanding their pain, needs and possibilities and revealing clearly the transformation you provide

Tapping into “it’s not about what you DO, it’s about what you provide” that empowers them

Turning your customer knowledge into the foundation for your business

Establishing your BHAI’s (big hairy audacious intentions) for your Success Signature Business

Tapping into your IDEAL CUSTOMER. Firmly understanding what, how and why to deliver WHAT THEY WANT from your purpose and gifts.

Your Success Signature AND intimately knowing your ideal customer, together, create the foundation of insight that forges EVERYTHING you'll do to connect to and attract your tribe from this point forward.

This third module enables you to explore the multitude of ways to build different tiers of your audience and see that, when you operate from your Success Signature, there's nothing but infinite potential.

This module will help you understand the significance of the customer value chain, how it relates to your Success Signature Business and the countless opportunities available for increasing business AND establishing credibility.

Once you KNOW your ideal customer from your authentic place of being, this clarity will allow you to make your mark in a grand way because you can now identify and serve YOUR people.

Module 4 Credibility Branding
The Secret to a Successful Business

Here you will learn about:

What is Credibility Branding and why it’s the most powerful growth platform for your Success Signature business

All of the ways that you make yourself credible

The points of credibility to increase the speed of sales

What it means to be an influencer

The dynamics and leadership power of category creation

Are you ready to BE a true INFLUENCER, to create a business whose customers say YES quickly AND become loyal? CREDIBILITY BRANDING is your answer.

Through this fourth module, you will establish strategies and tactics for building and branding your business as an expression of your Soul Signature. And, through that process, you will understand how to build credibility, the significance of it and how it creates instant trust and respect, thereby resulting in increased speed and volume of sales.

Module 5 Products & Services
Making Your Mark by Delivering Value to Customers

Here you will learn about:

Products & Services that flow from Your Success Signature

  • Being in service as your Success Signature
  • Focusing on the transformation you provide
  • Expanding the view of the products/services you offer and the organic growth that happens when you operate from your Success Signature
  • Knowing when/how to expand your customer base
  • Knowing when/how to deepen the investment that your current customer base is making with you
  • Knowing how to build a scalable and balanced business
  • Keeping your pipeline of growth full by understanding indoctrination through credibility
  • Embracing the organic progression of a healthy growing business

The importance of commitment and focus (vs. shiny object syndrome)

How quality and value and the “value exchange” expand the expression of your Success Signature and grow your top line

Product Launches, Opt-Ins & Sales Pages

  • Opt-in pages and Sales pages that keep your pipeline of growth full
  • Leveraging Credibility keeps your customers coming and the funnel full
  • Product Launches that are aligned with Your Customer
  • Creating content that, in turn, creates GREAT marketing and conversions (and knowing the difference)
  • Opt-in & Sales Pages that WORK and speak to your customers needs

Keeping the Growth Alive

  • Building a scalable and balanced business
  • Building targeted traffic that wants to be there
  • Focusing on the “right” things
  • Leveraging quality and value without taking yourself out

Learn the INSIDER SECRETS to Sales Page & Launch Strategies while building a Business that can scale and expand RAPIDLY

This fifth module will enable you to harness the tools for identifying and engaging your different types of customers through the customer acquisition timeline, which corresponds to the four cycles of business for your products and services.

You will also learn the ways in which to launch and sell your products so that every aspect is aligned with your customer and his/her needs, while providing a unique quality that serves as the foundation for great marketing and conversions.

You will KNOW how to build a scalable and rapidly expanding Success Signature™ business!

Module 6 Becoming the CEO
of YOUR Successful Success Signature Business

Here you will learn about:

Being the CEO vs. being self-employed

Working ON the business vs. working IN the business

Requirement to always be operating on multiple tracks (for example: focusing on both content & marketing)

Importance of having space to be vs. space to do

Tracking the trends, the catalyst for serving your customers and impacting the broader market

Establishing space, perspective and distance to see the trends and what is needed

The importance of the right team, support and partners and strategic relationships; making choices from your Success Signature

You're ready to STOP DOING IT ALL YOURSELF... How to run a Business With Space & Flow (AND ABUNDANCE!).

Through this module, you will learn what it means to be the CEO of your company and how your impact on the planet is amplified through embodying your natural ability to be a leader.

You will also established the awareness for identifying, creating and maintaining the variety of supportive partnerships and relationships necessary for the ongoing development of a credible and successful Success Signature Business.

Module 7 The Secrets of Copywriting
Authentic, Transparent and “Real”

Here you will learn about:

The Practical Steps For Writing Copy That Converts To Sales And Creates True Engagement

The “no manipulation” authentic mode of copywriting for the next generation of customers

Writing From The Perspective of Your Ideal Customer

Answering “why is your audience on this page?”

Answering “What’s in it for me?” without manipulation

Engaging Points Of Credibility Into Your Copy

Increasing the speed of sale INSTANTLY

Understanding Value Of Your Offers And Portraying It Well

Knowing the “value formula” by creating a value that your customers can embrace

Bill Harris
Bonus Material

The Secrets
of Copywriting

Video interview with Master Teacher and copywriter Bill Harris, founder and Director of Centerpointe Research Institute and creator of Holosync® audio technology. Bill is renowned as one of the greatest marketers of our time who through his marketing skill and insight, has placed his remarkable Holosync product in the hands of millions across the globe. His skill as a copywriter is unparalleled and for the first time EVER he is sharing the secrets to GREAT copywriting exclusively with YOU, our Success Signature community! WOW what a privilege to hear how he can help make your copywriting efforts sing.


How to FULLY engage your customers and NOT MANIPULATE them. This is the next generation in copywriting coaching.

Communicating with your ideal customer in a transparent manner not only shows them that they are understood, it also builds trust and credibility while triggering engagement.

This module methodically guides you to create effective content that establishes a Success Signature-based relationship between you and your ideal customer.

You will also understand how to establish and portray the value of your product/service so that it resonates with your ideal customer.

This module will help you enhance your copywriting skills and know-how through several exercises that require the application of your Success Signature energy and skills. In a short amount of time, you'll have mastered one of the most important means of communicating with your ideal customer.

Module 8 Branding, Logos & Elements of Web Design

Here you will learn about:

What is a Brand, Really?

Why Brands count

How to establish Your Success Signature Brand

The unstoppable power of your brand grounded in Your Success Signature

Where, When, and Why of Logos

How a logo can support your brand and when they don’t matter

Creating a Web Design that Expresses Your Success Signature and Engages Your Ideal Customer

How to have designs simply “fall out” of your Success Signature

When to use a graphic designer and when to use a web designer

Putting the YOU in Your Brand, Look, and Feel. Creating graphics that are obvious and available... and not some incomprehensible, unreachable unknown.

The sum of your chosen branding elements forms a visual identity for your Success Signature Business with which your ideal customer will associate.

The association that you create through your visual content not only demonstrates your brand's credibility, it also determines the perception of the quality and value of your products and services.

This module helps you tap into your Success Signature and identify which branding elements you need to distinctly convey the essence of your brand and how to achieve those elements through a step-by-step, creative action plan.

You will establish a clear brand presence and encourage your customers' loyalty.

Module 9 Building a Funnel - Indoctrination Strategies

Here you will learn about:

Indoctrinating a New Audience Into Your Success Signature

How to build a following from zero

Easy powerful modes of engaging and indoctrinating YOUR audience

Generating Income from Day One

Building a funnel - 4 easy steps to enrolling new clients and customers

You don’t have to wait to start your business... your pathway to revenue generation is right here and now

This module offers you the best options for determining the preferred tech pieces for your overall picture.

Through our suggested core tech tools, you will established a strategy for engaging your audience in a way that is visually and interactively congruent with your Success Signature.

You will also understand the indoctrination process and how to use it to consciously build trust with your ideal and potential customers and solidify their commitment to you.

Over time, this module will continue to help you strategize and refine your indoctrination process each time you launch a new product or service.

Volumne 2: Levering Your Success Signature Business Program

Volume 2 is your chance to LEVERAGE, to leverage your business, products and partners into new levels of sustainable growth.

Here you will learn the new version of TACTICS that actually aligned with your Success Signature.

You’ll be guided to some of the most profound never before revealed content on how to be congruent and aligned with your business, strategies and tactics with nowhere to go but up.

And that growth is from a place of peace, possibility, flow and calm.

Module 1 Moving Beyond the Myth of Hard Work

You'll see why:

The NEW Succes Signature vision revitalizes the traditional views of strategy, execution, and people to drive original evolutionary results

Breaking the myth of working hard AND even working smart -- there is a whole new way

Discovering how and why Sacred Pace adds to tremendous productivity yet with profound ease

Solidifying who you are as a business person, CEO AND as your customer deepens the essence of your brand, products and communications strategies

Tapping into the expansiveness of your passion brings it authentically to your audience, products and brand

Building clarity through your vision nails your next steps and maps your path and much, much more

Business is not about “surviving.” Build upon all that you’ve gained from Volume 1 and begin working toward the success you’re ready for.

This foundational module lays the groundwork for the rest of your journey in this powerful Volume 2, preparing you for the growth and expansion that’s coming.

With your Success Signature as the foundation for your growth and development, your business will not only grow through proven tactics and strategy, but through your energetic imprint and passions.

Imagine ALL the work it takes to get a plane off the ground, to actually get it to fly. Then, once it’s flying, it is relatively straight forward… It just flies - and some fine-tuning for mapping destinations and known components keeps it in the air.

What we deliver through this module is getting your business to fly, helping it ascend and allowing it, with nuanced strategies, to keep flying.

Module 2 Getting Real About Getting Results

Here you will learn The NEXT LEVEL
of Leveraged Tactics:

Product design

Product launches

Sales and opt-in pages vs. brochure sites

Indoctrination funnels

Different kinds of funnels

Customer attrition and unsubscribes

Curriculum development and testing

How to convert “FREE” into sales

Peer into the lives of people just like you and learn from their willingness and courage as they implement their success Signature business.

Experience real-world modeling that illustrates the heart-path and organic growth of the engaged entrepreneur - what it takes to move your Success Signature needle.

Witness the evolution of two amazing entrepreneurs as they redefine their business and progress into an enhanced expression. Watch them design businesses that serve their ideal customer more completely and reflect a deep expansion of their hearts and gifts.

From teaching tools created directly from the heart and dismantling limiting beliefs and barriers that keep you in lack, to identifying the tactics required for shaping your path to take your business to the next level, you’ll learn about specific action items, how to use them in alignment with the Success Signature and which tactics to use, when, why, and where to best invest your energy.

Understand how to apply tactics in a holistic framework that complements your vision and Success Signature.

With the eye-opening insight and information you receive here, you'll see that you are never alone and that you can effortlessly build a professional and emotional support system to walk alongside you on your journey to the top.

Not only will you discover why having a mentor is so important, you'll learn how to choose one who is leading you where you want AND need to go.

We’ll show you how to prioritize where you're going and learn how to get there while incurring the least amount of risk and highest potential for success.

Module 3 Drive Huge Traffic With Key Partners - Finding & Engaging Them

Here you will learn about:

How to shift from going “door-to-door” to customers, to having a wealth of aligned partners who are inviting their engaged list of subscribers straight to your offers.

Traffic-Building strategies.

How to create win/win joint venture programs.

The nuanced secret sauce of relationship building with partners -- how to read partners and how to serve them so they serve you. This is the stuff they don’t teach you in college.

How to use your Success Signature to strengthen the messaging in your partner, affiliate and traffic development programs.

How to establish credibility instantly by finding optimal partners that are in alignment with your ideal customer.

Learn to build loyalty with customers who LOVE what you’re creating and will keep coming back.

Through years of running a multi-million dollar business and guiding clients during her 27-year career as a business strategist in corporate America, Jennifer is ready to show you how to leverage key strategic partnerships to drive new customers...

Not off-the-shelf kind of customers, but ones who align perfectly with your mission, principles and messages of the company and adore your products.

In this module, you will learn multiple strategies and tactics - insider secrets really, that the “big guys” do to naturally engage partners that can drive a volume of valuable, targeted traffic.

Jennifer will guide you through the nuanced landscape of Affiliate programs.

You will learn what to look for in an affiliate partner, how to reach out to establish the right relationships and find the right connections. You’ll be shown where to go and how to use every engagement as a way to develop these important affiliate relationships to drive your ideal customer to you.

Join Jennifer and build from the heart while fearing nothing and creating empowering, new relationships with partners to drive exciting, new traffic and customers.

Module 4 Deepening Indoctrination - Sales Funnels & Product Sequencing

Here you will learn about:

Sales and indoctrination funnels, what they are, how they work, and how to work them

Leveraging the upside revenue possibilities of upsells and downsells

A real world example of a high-end ($4000 product) funnel strategy

Going deeper into the different kinds of affiliate programs; how to understand their differences so you engage with partners who have strong credibility

Developing product sequences that continuously strengthen your relationship with your ideal customers

Benefits of communicating more effectively in order to keep customers engaged and excited about what you're doing.

It’s time to learn how to strengthen relationships with existing customers and create deeper levels of engagement through the strategic use of indoctrination funnels.

This is your chance to deepen your relationship with your customers through the development of different types of sales funnels.

The idea is to not manipulate through these funnels, but rather strengthen your burgeoning bond.

In this module, you will learn about different types of funnels, including case studies, so you can pick and choose which work for you.

Plus, you’ll gain more insights on types of affiliate programs you can choose (a version of funnels) as well as product sequencing, what to produce and when to “use everything.”

This is a remarkable toolkit designed to increase engagement with your existing customers, strengthening your relationships and creating the loyalty that your business needs to thrive.

Module 5 Getting the Message Out

Here you will learn about:

How to develop messaging that fully expresses your Success Signature while enticing customers

What Public Relations is and how to use it to bring in new partners and customers AND increase credibility

How to keep the customers you already have and, in turn, ignite them into “super supporters”

How to support your ideal customers post-sale to keep them engaged

Customer service do’s and don'ts and why it’s so critical

Understand the broader vision and importance of the “sphere of influence;” who to first go after that can influence the next and next

How to dive deeper into the use of trends to support the growth of your business

How to be customer-focused without letting them control you or your business

Learn how to use Credibility Branding, marketing and PR to keep your customers excited about what you’re doing, consistently engaged and coming back for more.

There are amazing, FREE ways to engage new customers and impress current ones. These specialities seem difficult and out of reach, but you’ll be shown the step-by-step process of creating Success Signature messaging through PR and trend-watching with the customer in mind.

You will understand how Public Relations and Credibility Branding strategies drive new traffic and, in the spirit of “using everything” again, how to use the results to deepen customer loyalty.

These are the strategies that are typically practiced in large corporate environments only. But you will see how to do it for yourself in bite-size, digestible bits for the entrepreneurs who are ready to springboard into growth.

This power-packed module gives you decades worth of high-end business processes to take you to even greater revenue expansions.

Module 6 Owning & Holding Space as the Commander - of a Successful Success Signature Business

Here you will learn about:

Understand the nuances of survival / success / transformation, and how to identify and shift yourself and your business around these levels with conscious awareness, thereby identifying your Success Signature within this paradigm

Identify and use your own personal space as a powerful tool to empower your SS Biz including:

  • Holding and Owning Space
  • All the different types of space
  • The relationship between space and pressure and how it creates the necessary tension for forward momentum

Use compression and the pressures of business as the nudging point to move us forward in growing our Success Signature business

Understand the energy of engagement and action to create the momentum for a thriving business. This understanding becomes the wings of your Success Signature business.

Recontextualize the energy of procrastination

Trying to do it all yourself is the eventual breaking point of many companies.

By welcoming employees, vendors and contractors as true partners onto your team, you can achieve both your personal and professional goals, dreams and desires with more peace, calm and freedom - not to mention much more quickly.

It isn’t just about having a team or delegation or clearing your to-do list. Instead, it’s about space and partnership.

It’s about moving from fear-based action to freedom-based action and your Success Signature.

This is your opportunity to ask for and receive what you need to create a container of flow and calm that allows all that business entails to show up without having to go into overwhelm or panic.

You’ve seen and heard on the news those business that “couldn’t handle the pace of fast expansion?” Well, in this module, you’ll be gifted with the hidden strategies that give you all you need to not only manage that rapid and huge growth, but also be at peace and freedom within it.

It's time to access all of your power and this module will give you the most profound tools available for being in and growing your business to untold heights.

This is yet another module that you won’t find in ANY other business program and is the fulcrum of ongoing expansion and success.

Module 7 Getting What You Need - A Great Ask

You will now know how to...

Create a GREAT ask, so that you get exactly what you need, when you need it. Getting clear on your “minimum requirements” for your business, partners, colleagues and vendors is how you’ll create momentum and ease in your business performance.

Create partnership-based relationships that empower sustainable performance

Move from self-sacrifice to Success Signature Ju-Ju thriving

We all serve different roles and have a variety of different positions. Having the tools to create the right conversations nurtures your working relationships, saves you from frustration and countless headaches and allows space for your business to truly thrive.

This is one of the most powerful, in-the-moment learnings you can ever imagine for understanding what you don’t know about engaging with the world and how it’s keeping you from becoming the Success Signature Business Rock Star you are capable of being.

This simple but powerful technique of a “great ask” will give you access to get what you need while becoming a powerful CEO in the process.

We’re giving you the tools to identify what others aren’t giving you and showing you how to ask for it effectively and directly. You won’t believe how powerful the “great ask” is!

By the time you move through Module 7, you’ll have a new perspective on what you need and how to keep communication alive while asking for it.

This section is especially important when working with new team members and partners. In business, it is a necessity to rely on others to provide you with what’s necessary for your success. This process completely overcomes any kind of communication breakdown, upset and frustration.

The result of asking for and receiving what you need may seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised at how profoundly a “great ask” can completely change the way you do business and the peace you have within a growing business.

Module 8

Learn how to...

Energetically realign your perceptions about measurement being measured -- move beyond the trauma of grades, bell curve, and even profit to instead measure and observe the things that will move your business.

Understand a never-revealed business definition that will be completely empowered by your Success Signature

Know the relationship between value and performance and how your Success Signature makes this an exponentially expansive equation

Use Credibility Branding’s trend-reality-success-habit as a tool for measuring the important things

Stay on top of what’s important to measure in-the-moment and know what it is

Keep your eyes on the horizon of your Success Signature and not get mired in the minutiae of measuring stuff that doesn’t matter

Run an organic business that flourishes without being weighed down by bean counters

Be nimble and responsive to your customers and market opportunity through effective measurement

Know what to measure about your ideal customer to create ease in growth

So often in business, people think that the measurement and analytics of “the numbers” are the only way to quantify success. Many err on the “too much” or “too little” side of analysis.

There’s so much more to metrics than numbers.

There is a new paradigm and way in which to perform measurement and analytics that is now your secret weapon to forward momentum.

With the insights and approaches we provide, you’ll take your new perception of your metrics and analytics and turn it into a clear and succinct plan for future success.

Module 9 High Performance Framework - Bringing Out The Best In All Your Partners

You will learn...

The key to understanding every failure in every work relationship you’ve ever experienced and how to prevent them from happening in the future

The framework for delivering true, sustainable high performance

How to transmute triangulation to teamwork

How to use your vision, mission, purpose to create sensibilities that will infuse your Success Signature and brand into every working relationship- allowing your business to grow without losing what’s special about you

The amazing currency of appreciation

AND a new special addition, “getting real about reality”

Teamwork... It has been the sound bite of the last several decades, but, most of the time, it is just a word - not a reality.

How do you get a bunch of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, family experiences, work ethics, and personality differences to work together?

And not just “work together,” but also have a high-performance end result that creates a level of freedom and excellence for all involved?

Sounds almost impossible, right?

Well, the Success Signature High Performance framework is a well-thought-out map of not only how to build high-performing, successful and happy teams, but how to clearly see and acknowledge sabotaging behaviours.

It gives a template of conversation that takes the energy out of conflict and moves it to solution -- that works!

This is such a HUGE piece of the puzzle that so many business owners forget to acknowledge.

You’ll be digging deep, clearing out any cobwebs and polishing the team machines that will skyrocket you to growth and peace.


Why is this different?

woman running with flying scarf

Congruency with your LIFE PURPOSE
AND practical KNOW-HOW

At this point, you are likely thinking that you have never seen a program quite like this. And you would be correct in that assessment.

This Living Your Success Signature Business program will give you not only an energetic lift, but congruency with your life purpose AND practical know-how for getting a non-existent business off the ground OR taking an already successful business to the next level.

What many of the marketing programs out there are teaching is raw tactics. And while those are important and, in many cases, remarkably clever, they will never give you the authentic reality of who YOU ARE in YOUR business.

We have heard from SO many that they have tried those tactics with mixed results. Part of the reason many cannot succeed with tactics alone is that the strategies, the success signature, the YOU is missing. And, when a tactic fails with this missing piece, there is no recourse to change it because you might not know the “why” or the “you,” which the tactic missed in the first place.

round image of smiling woman

This program not only gives you
tactics, but also provides you with the foundational access
to YOU and YOUR SUCCESS SIGNATURE to create a thriving, impactful
business from this pure place of being.

Gregg Braden

“The energy you put into this is going to be well worth it. It works as a business model, it works as to reach some really, really smart people in the world - some movers and shakers who can take your ideas to the next level and do something with them and I think that’s what we’re all working for. So if you’re considering doing anything beyond standing in front of a few people on a stage in a single location, I’m gonna invite you to check out Jennifer McLean and consider this seriously. I want to thank yo, right now, from the bottom of my heart for all that you’re doing to make this a better world and to help us become better people.”

Gregg Braden

Kristen Webster

“The most amazing transformation, the team of people that Jennifer has put together and the way that she has structured this program is beyond anything that’s even describable. It is so beautiful.”

Kristen Webster

There’s so much more to running a wildly
successful business than just tactics and tools.

There is no true success without you and your team, and even your partners and customers, knowing who you are and why you are here.

In this powerful Leveraging Your Success Signature Volume 2, you will learn the never-before-revealed BIG COMPANY secrets that can be applied RIGHT NOW. Yet, unlike many large corporations, these programs are designed to gracefully guide you to a safe, peaceful and fulfilling heart-centered expansion that supports you, your team, partners and customers.

You will become fearless in the face of your entrepreneurial journey, elegantly moving with the flow of the wild adventure of a business that is expanding quickly and powerfully.

vertical increasingly taller bars
woman leaning back and smiling

You will be able to clearly see the points of leverage in your business, products, customers and team members and how to leverage all of them into huge, joyful growth.

We’re offering you insight and information that will enable you to develop yourself and your business in ways that you could have never imagined.

And, we’ll guide you to a deeper space to BE in your business - supporting from the heart, in an even more profound way than we could have taught you in our first edition.

It’s time to continue your journey and offer the world your most advanced and leveraged soul-shifting products and services.

Play this video to hear Jenn offer a 100% guarantee (You will want to watch this - Wow)




I also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking all the risk for you. Your risk is ZERO. Just try Launching Your Success Signature Business Quick Start Volume 1 and Advanced Volume 2 for 45 Days.

If you don't make the money you expect to make OR...

If you do not experience a noticeable change in your business, a change in the way you feel; less stress and easier decision making OR...

If you do not find our program top-notch - meeting to your complete satisfaction OR...

Even if you don't like my voice or my sense of humor... I'll refund your money...No questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings. We will refund your money in full.


Check Out These
Amazing Bonuses

Bonus 1 Free Video

Networking for Results

Networking for Results!
by Jennifer McLean

You know how awkward networking conversations can be? Well, I have devised a whole new way to network that has potential partners, vendors or customers salivating to work with you. It is an amazing way to establish rapport AND establish instant credibility.
And it works EVERY time.

Retail Value $125

Bonus 2 Free Video

Insider Secrets to Knowing Your Customer

The INSIDER Secrets to
Knowing Your Customer
by Jennifer McLean

This remarkable video delivers the most powerful insider secrets to knowing your customer. You’ll learn what your ideal clients are up to, what they want and how they are changing the market. This is a method used by top companies to increase customer engagement with ZERO force or pressure.

Retail Value $125

Bonus 3 Free Video

7 Days to Kick Ass Copy

7 Days to Kick-Ass Copy
by Jennifer McLean

Here you will learn a unique and secret 7-Day trick to create THE MOST kick-ass copywriting and maybe even come up with a new product in the process. Here, I'll guide you to what your Success Signature is and new tricks to accessing it. PLUS, you’ll learn how to directly engage your audience.

Retail Value $125

Bonus 4 Audio Series

Fear of Failing, All is Possible

Fear of Failing • All Is Possible
by Jennifer McLean

Three powerful replays of live shows where I walked individuals through what is possible. I addressed “Fear Of Failing” and how to overcome it. We dive deep into how to create a life that embraces a clear path to an “All Is Possible” reality.
PLUS, there’s wild and unexpected spot coaching that instantly shifted everyone and will shift you, too. We delve into crazy ideas that spark new product concepts and whole new businesses. WOW, this one alone could change it all for you.

Retail Value $125

Bonus 5 Coaching Q&A Calls

Coaching Q&A Calls

Coaching Q&A Calls

5, 90-minute audio replays of coaching calls answering burning questions, group guidance and energetic processes for success.

This is your chance to take advantage of Jennifer's 30-plus years as a business strategist working with the top companies in multiple industries. You can also benefit from her 7 years of experience as a successful CEO of a multimillion-dollar company.

Retail Value $5000

Bonus 6 2 Live Event Tickets

Limited Availability! First Come First Serve! 2 Free Tickets + ADDITIONAL FREE TICKET with our Full Pay Option

Special Live Event
by Jennifer McLean

I will give you 2 FREE TICKETS to a live event. Yep, just for purchasing today you will receive 2 tickets to a live event (taking place in June) where you will receive LIVE, in-person Success Signature coaching. If you’re struggling in ANY way, here is your chance to ask questions and receive direct coaching from me and the other Success Signature Coaches.

You read that right... you receive TWO FREE tickets (Value $997) to a special, in-person event where you can interact directly with me and receive added insights, updated materials and interactive processes to release all matter of fear, obstacles and challenges.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: You don't want to miss out... the Super Bonus of 2 free tickets won't be available for much longer... only so many folks will fill the venue that has been reserved for this event...

EXTRA FREE TICKET: If you choose to use our pay in full option we will gift you an additional FREE TICKET to our special, in-person event.

Retail Value $997


Then... now is the time to commit to your expansion.

Now is the moment that has been created JUST FOR YOU. (Can you feel it?)

Now is waiting for your gifts and solutions (as are your customers and clients).

Are you ready? Let’s Get Started!

Below is the information to purchase and absorb some of the most profound, advanced and sophisticated energetic and practical solutions to creating, managing, running and expanding a business of any kind.

Tap in right now, feel your being. Is the Living Your Success Signature Business program calling to you?

Then it’s time to take that next step... for you, your family, your current and future customers and the global human experience that you will influence by becoming an influencer.


Click below and choose the “PayPal Credit” option or the “Payment Plan” option or the “Full Pay” option (you save $103) and join us today.

Living Your Success Signature Business Volume 1 QUICK START
and Volume 2 ADVANCED Video Coaching Programs PLUS Bonues

Purchase Options Option 3 Full Pay (You save $103) - CLICK HERE Option 2 - 6 Easy Payment Plan - CLICK HERE Option 1 PayPal Credit - NO INTEREST, NO PAYMENTS FOR 6 MONTHS - START TODAY - CLICK HERE

The 30-Day Quick Start video coaching program (volume 1) to get you started earning income in your first 30 days!

The Advanced video coaching program (volume 2) to leverage your quickstart program into a sustainable, long term business

Supportive and powerful worksheets for each module in the Quick Start Volume 1 and the Advanced Volume 2 that create a personalized experience for YOUR business

At your own pace video study program in a non-pressure, supportive learning environment

Transcripts of each module in both the Quick Start and Advanced programs to support you in multiple learning styles

5 powerful coaching call replays that answer the most pressing questions from participants

3 BONUS videos including: Networking for Results, The INSIDER Secrets to Knowing Your Customer, and 7 Days to Kick-Ass Copy (A $375 Value).

3 BONUS Audios including Fear of Failing, All Is Possible, and Transformational Spot Coaching (A $125 Value)

2 FREE TICKETS to a Special Live Event in Los Angeles in June (A $997 Value) where Jennifer and her team of coaches will interact with you and your business directly. You will receive an additional 3rd FREE TICKET with our pay in full option.

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Imagine - in just a few short minutes, your business and life are about to transform.

Holy Jumpin!

Thank you in advance for your consideration of working with Jennifer and McLean MasterWorks. We are honored that you took the time to read through this page and decided to join us on this journey of business and life expansion.

We are SO excited at who you will be and what the world will be as a result of your impact through the Living Your Success Signature Business program.

THANK YOU for sharing this remarkable adventure of life with us in this new and fulfilling way.

Marcus and Sheila Gillette

“It’s just one of the best things we’ve ever done. We’ve been treated like a million bucks and highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity.”

Sheila Gillette

Cynthia Kersey

“Hi, I’m Cynthia Kersey with the Unstoppable Foundation and you might know my friend Jennifer McLean as a healer or the Host of Healing With The Masters but I know her as a bright, savvy businesswoman. And, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level and really duplicate what she’s doing in her business - she knows how to make money in a really conscious way that not only uplifts yourself but also your customers, your clients and the world. So I personally think she’s amazing and if you have an opportunity to work with her and really learn her techniques, I’m positive it will not only double, triple, quadruple your business, but you’re going to be more passionate, more inspired about the way you do business and how you impact the world.”

Cynthia Kersey

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